JJ Abrams’ new movie

I haven’t seen Transformers but there’s apparently a very cryptic trailer advertising a new unnamed movie, produced by JJ Abrams, and it’s rockin’ geeks’ socks off. The movie is unnamed, the cast is a bunch of barely-knowns, and the full plot hasn’t even been revealed (though the current theory is that there’s some sort of monster attack on New York, and the story will be told via handheld cameras, wielded by the people trying to survive it). Props for keeping the whole thing secret in the age of info overload.

I saw a bootleg of the trailer online but the websites www.1-18-08.com and www.ethanhaaswasright.com both offer delicious hints and varying levels of frustration (I couldn’t get past the fourth puzzle with the green and blue balls without help). And of course the gang at unfiction is all over this.

I love surprises.

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