Seriously, I’m not this bad at Gears

…but this is my fourth time playing through (second on Hardcore) and RAAM is kicking my ass. I have the sniper rifle and the Lancer, my favorite combo. I get in about nine headshots with the sniper and he nails me. I blindfire with the Lancer and he nails me. I chuck grenades at his feet and he nails me. If I make it to the turret, the Kryll get me and/or I approach the turret and I can’t interact with it and he nails me. I save Dom and he nails me. I leave Dom gasping for breath and he nails me. I sit on top of the lights and the Kryll still nail me. WTF.

Last time on Hardcore, I got him with the turret but didn’t get the Achievement because it was glitched. This time I’m pretty much praying for a glitch in my favor.

And then, he drops. Finally. Legitimately. A combination of all weapons brings the bastard down. I get the Achievement for A Dish Best Served Cold (at last!), the camera pulls back on RAAM’s corpse…and then my 360 freezes. I don’t get the Achievements for finishing the game, but I just finished the game. It’s the opposite of last time, where I got everything BUT the RAAM Achievement.

I am really, really tired of having to beat this final boss twice to get what should be rightfully mine!

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