Wii thoughts

Yeah. I dig it. I think Nintendo did a lot of things right. I’m a little busy so I haven’t played much of anything and the only two games I have (aside from GameCube games) are Wii Sports and Metal Slug Anthology…which were the first two I wanted anyway, really. I like the soothing music, I like the Forecast and News channels. I like the accuracy of the Wiimote. I like the fact that anybody can pick it up and not feel like an outsider. I feel like I’ve barely used it — a little Resident Evil 4 has been played, which was a Christmas gift from Kat, since I never played it when it came out — and I don’t have any of the high profile Wii titles yet. But that’s cool. I’m glad I have it, and hopefully I will have friends who will eventually input the goddamned friend code I sent them.

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