The real Ghostbusters

Every year, people ask me if I’m going as a Ghostbuster for Halloween. But I always reply, “Why would I wear my work uniform on the one day I’m supposed to dress up like something else?”

Still, in honor of Halloween, I’ve got some shots that Kat took of me in full Ghostbusters gear. She recently upgraded her photo rig to a lovely Nikon D700 so she wanted to play around. These are a few of the results.

I’ve always thought of Ghostbusters as supernatural janitors. It’s not a pretty job; it’s messy and it’s hard work. So we were trying to tap into that sense of exhaustion, like the scenes you see of firefighters after battling a blaze for three hours. Plus, I was trying to draw on some sadness; this guy sees death everywhere, and doesn’t necessarily want company after a tough slog. He just wants to, well, rest in peace. Even though I couldn’t resist goofing off a bit, I think we got some of that vibe, and I think these are pretty cool shots.

Click on these for larger versions:

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