Kat vs. Plants vs. Zombies

When PopCap brought out Plants vs. Zombies, their cute take on tower-defense games, I was hooked like everybody else. Well, everybody else but one person: my wife. I got the PC version, and she played a little bit before grabbing the Mac version for herself. Then she played it a lot and finished the Adventure mode before I did. Then she finished it again. And a third time. Along the way she mastered the zen garden and racked up an insane amount of in-game cash. I regularly look over her shoulder in awe.

For reference, here’s a screen from a fairly typical session of the game. This is what a lot of people who have tried the demo or played the browser version experience.

This is a screen from one of Kat’s random sessions. I happened to look over and then asked her to take a screenshot.

I have since asked her for her advice on how to play.

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