Week of the Gamersc(wh)ore

Never mind Old Spice. My Gamerscore grubbing is Paul’s fault. He threw down the gauntlet and started climbing the ranks and then rubbed my face in it. I was content with my Gamerscore being somewhere around 4000. But he had to play Fight Night Round 3 and Lost Planet to take the lead. So I got whatever low-hanging fruit I could and caught him, but not for long.

But see, Paul’s away on business this week. That gives me a few days to try to jump from 4901 to Paul’s score of 6015. I’ve been told that Viva Pinata, which I like but find myself overwhelmed by, is easy fodder. I cleaned up a bunch of easy Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland stuff I’d forgotten about, and I’m going to start THP8 in earnest. I’d also like to do some Gears co-op and, even though the announcer drives me nuts, I’m up for Fuzion Frenzy 2 since I liked the first game. I refuse to do the obvious easy ones like NBA 2K6 and King Kong, but any game that I would normally play that just happens to offer good rewards, well, that’s fair. Keep an eye on my tag to the right this week, and/or follow along at 360voice.com. It’s hard doing this and WoW and Phoenix Wright and band practice.

Have I mentioned I can’t wait until Guitar Hero II comes out?

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