Guitar renewal

The three guitars I was selling have now sold. One is becoming an object d’art, one is going to a player who’s always wanted that model and is thrilled now that he has it, and one’s going to become the most awesome surprise graduation gift evar. The last one ships out Tuesday. I’m stoked because I always want them to go to good homes, to people who will appreciate them. I think I price them affordably and fairly when I do have to let them go, and that’s part of the reason — I don’t want to soak anybody, I want good karma and I’d like to think that someone out there is making music with a renewed spirit.

Sappy? Crunchy? Maybe, but the last two guitars I’ve bought — the two Taylors I never shut up about — have kind of realigned my thinking about guitars and making music in general. Not that I was ever down on music, but I think something magical happens when you match your tools. For instance, I’ve seen jugglers do awesome stuff because their clubs are tuned to them in terms of weight, handle length, balance, etc. So it seems to be with the core guitars in my shrinking collection. That Taylor 410 is simply the best acoustic guitar I’ve ever played, bar none, and is leading me back to learning again. The T5 is getting me excited about trying to write again, too; it plays as good as it looks. Here’s another beauty shot just for the hell of it.

This doesn’t matter to anybody else, but it’s a significant shift in my little world, and gaining a fresh perspective makes selling a few of the other guitars all the more worth it. I can only hope that the people who get them share that feeling of inspiration when they pick them up.

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