It’s the end of E3 as we know it and I feel fine

The show was very good this year. Quieter, calmer, a hell of a lot less crowded (last year I had to take a weekend job at GameStop just to get in), and so much quality software on display! Happy to be back, but definitely came back inspired and hopeful that this will be a banner year for interactive entertainment.

However…does this really count as news? Ryan’s main hobbies are cool cars and baseball, and he was fortunate enough to get one of his dream cars right away, a DeLorean. He drove down to LA for the show and had his car serviced by a DMC specialist there (why not? He’s gonna be down there for three days) and they gave him a loaner while they worked on his. So it was really fun see the reactions of the valets, because let’s face it, it’s a cool and iconic car, and as Ryan points out, people smile when they see it, whereas when you see someone in a Ferrari or something, a lot of times it’s a sneer. But does it really warrant its own news report? C’mon. Point the cameras at the actual celebrities, please.

And for the record, no, Ryan takes all the BTTF jokes in stride. He knows what he bought. Duh.

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