Threat level: Yellow

I have just deleted a nice long rant about people who don’t write for a living telling people who do write for a living how unqualified they are to be writers. This is usually because the writer and the reader have different opinions, so the reader therefore says the writer doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Replace “hot new video game” with “shade of the color blue” and you’ll see how exasperating and silly that really is.

I’m tired of this disconnect; I’ve fought to fix it for a long time to seemingly no avail. (Imagine everything you’ve ever done being misinterpreted, sometimes willfully, by the very people for whom you do it.) And despite the liberation of online communication, I’m tired of people jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, and basically shooting first and finding out what the gun was loaded with later. But tonight, I’m clearly even more tired of complaining about it.

I’m going to let you off with a warning, Internet, but try to drive more carefully from now on, okay?

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