Our studio burninated

Our rehearsal space caught fire yesterday. Um, great catch?

Our guitarist runs the studios/owns the business. He doesn’t know how much of our gear is toast but we are being realistic and assuming it’s all damaged and needs to be replaced. I had one guitar in there — a Nomad Deluxe — which was there for utility and convenience. We aren’t allowed in so we don’t know what we’ve lost. Full drum kit, PA, monitors, microphones, keyboard, amps and guitars…gotta assume it’s all gone and consider anything that’s not to be a blessing. We’ll likely rent for our next wedding gig.

I guess I’m lucky that I’ve been playing as long as I have and I’ve never had anything like this happen before — nothing stolen, nothing burned, nothing run over, etc. I’ll take it as inevitable and hopefully we can rebuild and upgrade. I still have my old PA so we will probably use that to supplement the bassist’s PA.

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