Need a graphic designer?

Kat just found out that her magazine, Scrapbook Answers, is no more, effective immediately. I’m bothered on several levels and think it’s a bad call overall–great product, loyal readers, excellent growth potential. But I also believe Kat’s quite employable. She’s currently lining up freelance jobs while considering her next steps. There may be other positions at the company she can apply for but she’s also thinking about, well, all the things you think about when you suddenly find yourself out of work. Is this the time to chase a dream? Is this the time to just get whatever I can to keep paying off the bills? Can I get both? Dan, do you need all those guitars? These are the tough questions.

So, if you or someone you know is in need of full- or part-time graphic design work, Kat’s aces with Adobe CS2 and all its little parts. Drop me a note. A resume revision is in the works.

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