2008 in review

So, when I think about it:

  • Sold a few guitars; bought a few guitars
  • Went to my first CES
  • Got an iPhone; life changed
  • Retired my PC keyboard of 10 years (but didn’t get rid of it)
  • Played my last gig with Fast Times
  • Built a quad-core PC
  • Won my first (albeit small) poker tournament
  • Sold my drumset; bought a drumset
  • Went back to NYC for the first time in too long
  • Went to Vegas for the first time not on business
  • Survived a hard drive crash
  • Made my laptop way more awesome than yours
  • Liked Cloverfield so much, I bought a Slusho hoodie
  • Battled my first online stalker
  • Acknowledged my man-crush on Dave Grohl
  • Got totally hooked on Top Gear, Big Bang Theory, and Gordon Ramsey’s The F-Word
  • Shook Jimmy Carter’s hand
  • Performed a Van Halen song live for the first time
  • Registered to vote; voted
  • Late to the party, discovered Jonathan Coulton
  • Started looking for a house; stopped
  • Saw the motherfucking Who
  • Broke 1,000,000 in Folding@Home
  • Didn’t lose a guitar in a devastating rehearsal studio fire
  • Wrote and edited the Guitars & Gaming one-shot

That’s enough, I think. Gotta leave something for 2009.

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