Computers are fun

That is sarcasm. Kat had a 1TB drive (two 500s in RAID 0) from Maxtor that died right before Christmas. I didn’t realize it was a RAID but I should have. Then her 500GB MyBook snuffed it. That left me with a holiday project.

I thought some of the drives might be saved. The Maxtor fan died do I thought, hey, could be the enclosure, right? The data was important but not crucial; we resolved that it was gone. Still, I tried — I ordered a NexStar enclosure and some new drives but tried the old drives in the NexStar first. Drives good; data unrecoverable. So after some complicated formatting, I got two new 1TB drives in there for Kat’s new rig. They are FAT32 but I want them to be Mac Extended. Can’t find an easy way to do that via an enclosure tho.

The MyBook was a total loss. Second one of those to completely shit the bed in four months. At least I knew how to take it apart.

But since she now has 2TB of new storage, I got the old Maxtors (which turned out to be Seagate Barracudas). Now I have a big 500GB backup drive, a spare 500GB in its own enclosure (for music file transfer), and my old 200GB backup is floating free but still quite good.

Oh, and the nice new sound card won’t play nice yet. What up, Fatal1ty? Another hour and all should be fine.

Computers aren’t all bad. I wrote and posted this in the car on an iPhone.

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