At midnight, all the agents…

So Watchmen opens tonight at midnight. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see it this weekend, as the film’s opening unfortunately coincides with shipping the magazine. Early reviews are split between “perfect” and “dreadful.” Seems the folks who don’t like it feels it fails as a film, but since I’m actually expecting little more than a retelling of the book, maybe I won’t be disappointed.

I’ve entertained myself in the meantime with some of the more creative fan creations:

The Saturday morning cartoon version of Watchmen is the best blasphemy I’ve ever seen.

Maybe the film won’t be the best, but this student-made fan film is hard to watch and will make Snyder’s film look good by comparison, at least.

I was a big fan of the online comic PvP for a while until I got tired of Scott Kurtz’s arrogance; it was one of those cases where the creator overshadowed his creation and changed my feelings about it. He was also dismissively apathetic when I interviewed him for GamePro – which, as a fan trying to do what I could to get the word out to a mass audience about his cool project, hurt. However, his multi-part Ombudsmen tribute is brilliant.

And this alternate ending to the comic is a brilliant in-joke, but only if you know the book and recognize the protagonist here.

    If you have more, post ’em below. If not, go read the debate on GamesRadar where I was asked to defend the existence of the Watchmen XBLA game. I wish the game didn’t have to happen, but I at least see that someone tried to make it make sense, so I defend it on that level. That’s not an endorsement, and I still have’t paid my $20 to download it.

    The whole cultural even of Watchmen actually coming to theaters is still extremely surreal to me. This will be a weird weekend.

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