Pepsi Natural

This caught my eye in Target tonight. I was looking for the WoW Mountain Dew Game Fuel (unsuccessfully, just as in the grocery store…is it really that popular?) and found Pepsi Natural instead. I only found one bottle of Pepsi Throwback and Dew Throwback so I figured I should grab this oddball while I could.

Aside from the unusual 12-ounce bottles, it’s mellower than the regular stuff, and has about the same amount of caffeine. “Natural” means real sugar, kola nut extract, and sparkling water. It’s a nicer taste, to my palate — a little sweeter at first but then tapers off pleasantly. Weirdest ingredient: natural apple extract, for color. I guess it would be clear (or worse, yellow) without it?

I’m pleasantly surprised to see the major companies jump on the boutique cola bandwagon, even if there are plenty of party poopers. I still miss Royal Crown Premium Draft Cola and will get Puma whenever I see it (which is not often, and BevMo is no longer any help to me), but this is an option that will hopefully have better distribution.

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