We have a winner

Yes. After so many years of searching and I’m totally not kidding, I finally found a worthy draft cola.

It’s not as strongly vanilla flavored as Royal Crown Premium Draft Cola (or is it? I don’t know, it’s been 12 years since I was able to find a bottle, and I’ve romanticized the stuff a lot), but it’s by far the only beverage that comes anywhere near what I have been looking for, and it’s the only draft cola I’ve been able to locate, period. It’s priced at 85 cents a bottle, which is no problem…until you find that shipping $10 worth of soda costs another $17. I need to convince the local BevMo to stock it (since that’s where I found out about Sprecher in the first place — maybe they can just add flavors to their next order).

But oh good heavens, I am so glad the search is over. The rest is just details.

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