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Halcyon Dreams: Kat & Dan’s Experience on the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Before we start, a spoiler warning – for everything. Whether you read this blog or listen to the podcast version, we’re going to be revealing deep details from the Galactic Starcruiser experience as well as diving into the occasional behind-the-scenes … Continue reading

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Spoiler-free thoughts on comics and the MCU

My mom abhorred violence. I didn’t grow up with toy guns; I didn’t see Star Wars until it was re-released and in the last-chance dollar theater because “I am not taking you to a war movie.” Finally she relented after … Continue reading

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The Corey Feldman Story

Have I ever told you the Corey Feldman story? When I was in my early teens I was a child actor. A handful of commercials, a small walk-on role in a movie, nothing major — but I auditioned for a … Continue reading

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Summer 1985

In 1985, when I was 14, I traveled with a small company of Evita for about five weeks. Of the 25 men in the company, three were straight:: Juan Peron, Che, and myself. Juan and Che bunked together. I will … Continue reading

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Facebook is the reason I haven’t been blogging much here. I think I should change that, because even though I look back at some of my angrier screeds and cringe, this is still the one and only space where I … Continue reading

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On Being Willing To Learn…For Fun

I run Jeopardy games at PAX whenever I can. These are custom-built game shows in every sense of the word — handmade buzzers, bespoke software, and custom-created questions by and for the PAX attendees. It’s trivia, so it’s not all … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for PAX

This originally appeared on the old 1oS blog, but I’m updating and reposting it here, as I think it might still be useful.  Someone asked me if I had any advice on what they should expect when attending PAX, or … Continue reading

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Operation House it Going: Welcome to Sunkist Manor

Kat and I have been slowly saving for a house for years. We have moved eight times — as our jobs and offices relocated, so did we — and each time, that sapped more of our savings. We aren’t wasteful; we … Continue reading

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Operation House It Going

For our impending 20th anniversary, Kat and I want to finally own our own home, so Operation House It Going is underway. We have a mortgage broker, a real estate agent, and excellent credit, but not enough money for a … Continue reading

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Dan’s tips for social media success

People have asked me if I plan to write a book about being a community manager and using social media to follow up Critical Path. Nope. Critical Path came from leveraging 15 years of experience, after which I thought I’d … Continue reading

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