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uWinking out of existence

Remember uWink in Mountain View? That’s all you have left now — memories. I am sorry to be right about it. I still want this concept to work, but I guess that’s either not the location or the implementation for … Continue reading

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Spotted this in a recent issue of Guitarist, my favorite UK guitar mag: Flea is starting his own company, Fleabass, to produce bass guitars for his students. He runs a music conservatory, trying to pick up where public school music … Continue reading

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Twitter stuff

I’ve been on it for a while, and people ask “what’s the point?” Well, besides the supposition that you are so fascinating that everybody needs to hear your every thought, it’s easier than stopping to blog, and it’s like having … Continue reading

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Another new PSwap track

Where have I been? I usually blog on or near the weekends, but lately all my weekends have been spent doing musical stuff. I’m writing my own songs, I’m getting ready for a public performance next month (nothing major, but … Continue reading

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Kat tries energy drinks

She’s never wanted or needed them, but a recent deadline push and some lost sleep caused her to give my favorite (for its sheer effectiveness), 5 Hour Energy, a try. It’s two ounces of mostly B-vitamins, with some caffeine but … Continue reading

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Oh Christ, shut up already

So this month, there’s a new kerfuffle in the eternal PC vs. Mac culture war. (Please keep in mind that I am reporting from the front lines as someone who uses both platforms pretty much daily; I even do the … Continue reading

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