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“Rock Band is racist”?

I’m leaving out the name of the sender, but I had a strongly personal and angry reaction to a reader letter today. If I print it in the magazine, then I’m giving this guy way too much attention. If I … Continue reading

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Interview with me on, part 2

More yammering.

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MP3 of the Moment: “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

I haven’t done one of these illegal music sharing things in a while, but hey, it is the season of giving. Whirling Dervishes were an alt-rock 90s band from New Jersey. When I was in college radio, they put out … Continue reading

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Romantics squabbles

Apparently sometimes cover bands can be too good. Mine does not suffer from this problem, but I found it interesting all the same. FWIW, the master license is far, far more expensive than a cover license; I get small-quantity mechanical … Continue reading

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Santa, you’re here early

And I will be just as thrilled Christmas morning to find that my living room has gone from looking like this: To looking like this! Yes, that’s right — a brand new Xbox 360 faceplate, and it’s the Japanese “water … Continue reading

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Everything is true on the internet

You know why cousins don’t marry, right? Here’s a fantastic story of new media inbreeding and feeding on itself. Naturally if something like this had appeared in a magazine, the verdict from online “journalists” would likely be that print is … Continue reading

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Rock Band shenanigans

I admit it. I’ve had more time with Rock Band than most people, thanks to the review. But I couldn’t help myself from going on Live, going into Ranked guitar matches on Expert, and blowing people to smithereens. In consolation, … Continue reading

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We’ve hit a new low

Look! We’ve taken every negative thing said about a game and woven it into one review! It’s the nega-review. I know it’s supposed to be cheeky and funny — I get the joke, honest — but I truly don’t find … Continue reading

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Putting the lame in flame

You find the damnedest things hiding on your hard drive. This was before internet video was cool. And yes, I made it myself. That’s why it looks that way.

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New blog vs old blog

If you are mostly interested in my random thoughts about games, then you will probably want to check out the Xbox Soapbox at, where I will be blogging at least twice a week. Last week, due to the launch … Continue reading

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