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Retro day

When game nerds take a day off from work, they play games. (Well, and they play their Taylor, which I cannot keep my hands offa.) Two oldies caught my attention today: 1) Doom, freshly released for Xbox Live Arcade. With … Continue reading

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Fast Times @ Dirty Martini Saturday night 9pm

There’s a dress code so guys need to wear a collared shirt and probably not sneakers. Parking sucks nearby so go with friends in one car. $10 at the door (sorry). Here’s a map to the DM. We’re doing new … Continue reading

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Joining OXM

As of Monday I’m full-time on OXM. This is a move that I’ve dreamed of for a long time. I’ve always liked the mag and I’ve liked it more since I’ve been under Future’s roof. GamesRadar is already the #3 … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Davi and Moe

I joined a good 80s cover band with a talented punk drummer and a rhythm guitarist who didn’t know when not to play for the good of the song. Punk drummer plays too fast, doesn’t practice, drinks hard at every … Continue reading

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OXM podcast

One of the high points of my week is co-hosting the OXM Podcast. We record the shows Wednesdays and they get posted Fridays, so this is fresh in my mind at the moment. I’ve been on the show since episode … Continue reading

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Dan Amrich, card-carrying geek

We can agree that nobody “gets” community the way that Microsoft gets it, right? PS2’s online venture was a failure and Nintendo didn’t even try. Microsoft had a good idea for its online gaming network, ran with it, made it … Continue reading

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The only thing about Wii that doesn’t matter

I am looking forward to Wii, Nintendo’s next game system, just like everybody else. I thought the DS was gimmicky but I still bought it as soon as I could find it, and now that there’s software to support the … Continue reading

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iPod games

New iTunes 7.0 came out today. Love the new integration of the iPod updater with iTunes; it makes a lot of sense. But when I heard they had honest-to-goodness iPod games available, well, hey. I bought Texas Hold ‘Em immediately. … Continue reading

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OXM: My angel investor

By the way, if anybody’s wondering “Since when do you have the scrilla to shop for a $2K acoustic,” here’s the answer: Not only was I ready to upgrade from the starterish acoustic I’ve had for 15 years, but I … Continue reading

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The Acoustic Chronicles: A sudden, happy ending

The search is over. I fell in love. On my anniversary, no less. We stopped at Gryphon on the way back from the ren faire yesterday. A friend at work recommended the store so I checked out the website and … Continue reading

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