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My Movies: Sneakers

There are a handful of movies that I can watch any time or all the time. I realized that they’re the ones that have shaped my sense of humor, my personality, and my pop cultural references. As I realize and … Continue reading

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The Nomad returns

The little blue Fernandes Nomad Deluxe that survived our studio fire is finally back in my hands. I think the only reason it survived is its hardshell case, which I didn’t get until two years ago. The guitar’s electronics and … Continue reading

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Define “on the phone”

After shaking my tiny fist at drivers who were on the phone, I was happy when the California law went into effect. Handset to your ear? Pull over here. Unfortunately the rise of texting happened in the time between the … Continue reading

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United: Plane stupidity

I don’t like to fly. I’m not afraid of it; I just hate it. As a result, I’m generally not a nice person to fly with. I have rules. Rule 1 is sit down and shut up. I prefer a … Continue reading

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Guitars & Gaming – on sale now

I was really slammed with deadlines and special projects a few weeks ago, and now the source of those deadlines is on newsstands. The folks at Guitar World approached me to ask if I’d be interested in working on a … Continue reading

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Studio fire aftermath

If you’d like to see a miracle, I have some photographic proof. This is our gear, after a fire: That’s our PA and power amps, powered up and working. You can see from the road cases that they’ve been through … Continue reading

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Are game reviews pointless?

I think I have dedicated my life to writing things that nobody wants to read. When I started reviewing games, it was for a love of games and a love of writing. I still have both. Then I started to … Continue reading

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We just got a new guitar and I swear to god it’s not my fault this time

Two of my favorite music stores — Gryphon and Gelb — are closed Sundays, and I never seem to be near them Saturdays. Today we knew we’d be near both stores so I arranged time in our schedule to go … Continue reading

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Our studio burninated

Our rehearsal space caught fire yesterday. Um, great catch? Our guitarist runs the studios/owns the business. He doesn’t know how much of our gear is toast but we are being realistic and assuming it’s all damaged and needs to be … Continue reading

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World of World of Warcraft

Blizzard unveils sequel

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