When technology gets jealous

I finally caved today and got a PS3. I had been waiting for the price drop, and then I was looking for an excuse. I finally stopped looking, and with Kat’s suggestion, pulled the trigger. I am heading on a small vacation next week and wanted a small digital camera for the event (my digital camera broke a few months ago and I never bothered to replace it) so it was one of those weird “Hey, while we’re at Best Buy, why not finally pick up a PS3” kind of things. Kat’s cool like that. I never did anything to celebrate the new job, so this was a cool way to do that.

I didn’t buy any games; I was more interested in the downloadable stuff (and the store didn’t have Buzz in stock). Unfortunately, the PlayStation Store didn’t like my credit card info — the same card I used to buy the PS3, mind you — so I couldn’t buy anything at all. Seems like other people have had this billing problem and it might be something I can fix later. Or maybe not. So…damn. But Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray — which I had never seen, despite being a Disney fan — looks very nice at 1080p.

So here’s where the the tinfoil hat kicks in. This evening I turned on my 360 (to make sure the memory unit with my Gamertag on it that accidentally went through the wash was still okay), downloaded a firmware update and…poof. The video just died; it’s like the red ring of death in that heat causes it and many of the same components are involved, but it costs $100 to repair. This was an Elite console, so it wasn’t Jasper, it was Falcon — but it wasn’t a launch unit either. I don’t see the point in repairing it, so I will go back to using my launch console. It has a picky DVD drive (it won’t play Halo 3, Guitar Hero III, or Lips), but it works most of the time. I think an Arcade unit is in my future.

So…the day the PS3 comes into the house, my 360 dies. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Hail to the king (of diseases)

A few months ago my right foot hurt. Thought I was walking funny or pulled a muscle. Last week my toe exploded in pain and kept me awake. After a few days of mild help from my email-friendly doctor, I finally got to see him, and…well, ever hear of gout? It’s kinda that. This goes with the kidney stone and bursitis in the collection of Things I Did Not Think I Would Get Before Age 40.

Really, it’s hardly a tragedy; I did it to myself so who am I going to blame? It’s called the Disease of Kings because it’s a product of an unbalanced diet of rich foods. I am not a big drinker (which is the first thing that aggravates it, I suppose) but I am a big fan of red meat and not vegetables. Well, after a while, that has a lot of purines, and that generates crystals, and they wind up in my foot in something awesome called uric acid.

I’m walking with a cane for a little bit and I’m changing my diet. Haven’t had red meat in six days and it’s only just now affecting me; it’s not forbidden but I see no reason to have red meat until this flareup goes away. Poultry is okay, fish (some fish anyway, because they have purines too) is okay. I like beans and have alternate sources of protein. But really? More veg will help on so many levels. Some friends have offered great ideas that they’ve used to get their kids to eat vegetables; at least I can articulate “that’s too slimy” or “the smell is off-putting” and sort of try new things accordingly. But I still feel silly for not having eaten better up until now.

Beatlemania 2009

I have to admit, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I got to review the video game (buy it, it’s really good), I plan to upgrade my CDs to the stereo remasters, and people who have never been exposed to a band I deeply love and find very inspiring are now going “What’s all this about?” So it’s awesome.

Also, as friends debate their favorite Beatles song and Beatles cover song, my favorite Beatles cover song is…not a Beatles cover song. Or is it? Please witness the singular brilliance of the Gigolo Aunts. It will blow your mind.

Late summer purge

The purge is happening on two fronts. One, Kat has decided it’s time to go through all the books and toys and clothes and gear we’ve accumulated and get rid of the stuff we don’t use, need, or want. We watch a lot of those shows like Clean House and I totally see the value in getting rid of stuff you don’t need — just on a karma level, you should be giving it to someone who will use it if you aren’t going to use it yourself — but instead of taking it a room at a time, Kat has started a multi-room purge, so the place is kind of a wreck. I borrowed some mail bins from work, then some more, then some more…we’re up to 15 of them now, just to sort things. This is in addition to all the Rubbermaid containers in the garage, which are also being audited at the same time. Since the garage is full of stuff to be sorted, it is not full of, say, a car. Most of the stuff will simply be given to friends or charity, but a few things are going on eBay. So in addition to selling my netbook on eBay, that’s what I’m doing this weekend!

The second purge is happening here on the blog. You may or may not have heard about all the security problems with WordPress lately, but I’m safe and, since having a few small hiccups behind the scenes a few weeks back, I’ve been diligent about keeping my software patched and up to date. However, it did get me thinking about all the users who have registered and never posted, or have plausible but unlikely usernames or email addresses. Since this is really a personal blog, I know (or know of) many of the people who have posted here at one time or another, and you’re all safe — I recognize your names and logins just fine. But if you’re a lurker ready to come out of your shell and you find your login has been removed, I suggest not registering with a name like “GranthaRdoe” and adding a Gravatar or something so I know it’s really a real person. I deleted well over 100 dud accounts by hand, so I’m hoping real people were not among them — but better safe than sorry.