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WoW magazine sample — and a slippery slope

I was very happy to see that the 40-page free sample of the World of Warcraft magazine was posted online at last. It was hard working on that project and not being able to show anybody what was taking so … Continue reading

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The Ellipsis of Fuck You

Okay, gamer rant time. There’s this thing that I’ve complained about before that is still happening and still pisses me off to absolutely no end. Apparently me ranting about it once three years ago did not make it go away … Continue reading

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I am an A/V badass

Some guys can fix cars; some guys can chop logs; some guys can save lives. I can’t do any of that shit. What I can do is set up complicated home theater and computer rigs and get it right the … Continue reading

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The move (in photos)

We made it. And just so I can convince myself that it really happened, here’s a photo account of The Move To LA.

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Thoughts on LA

As I pack everything I own into what will no doubt be hundreds of small boxes (anybody who lives in LA who wants them for cheap when I’m done should get in touch), I find my thoughts wandering to what … Continue reading

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Home is where the universe is

Today was the big push to find a place. We went through Westside Rentals — basically the ubiquitous realtor in our target area — and saw eight places in four and a half hours. Some were condos, some were duplexes, … Continue reading

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The new job FAQ

I’ve been getting a lot of the same good questions lately, so let me see if I can answer them all here: What is this new job? What’s your title? The new job is community management on a large scale. … Continue reading

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How to get rid of a lot of videogames

Yesterday was my last day at Future. Today I am unemployed. In January, I start at Activision. I am stoked. I’m going on to an amazing opportunity; I have confidence that I am the right person for this job; I … Continue reading

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