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Where were you…

…when I hit level 70 in World of Warcraft? I know where I was. I was here, hitting level 70 in World of Warcraft: Okay, so it’s not on par with wherever you were when Kennedy was shot or terrorists … Continue reading

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Trixie: Rated M

Is it me or does Trixie use taboo language in her role as Community Manager a lot more than most other Microsoft employees? Her Twitter over the last day or so has been full of…spice. Color me surprised. I mean, … Continue reading

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Big Bang Theory

Anytime the mainstream media tries to personify the geek culture, my hackles go up. We all know Screech. We all know Screech is simultaneously too broad to be real and too real to be funny. So when The Big Bang … Continue reading

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Schrodinger’s Island?

There are oodles of cool Lost theories, but few make this much sense.

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Runnin’ With The Dell

How awesome is my laptop? FUCKING awesome. I wanted something to distinguish my portable rig from every other identical boring business laptop out there; I kept having these visions of losing it or mistaking it for someone else’s in an … Continue reading

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Close by Ampthill

Today’s the day it all went down. Take a spin through the site — it’s the reason I’m a puzzle nerd today.

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Do the math

Kyle Orland pointed this one out to me. It’s March 14. This blog post will release at 1:59pm (because I missed AM). actori celebrii alarma auto anunturi animale fenomen astrologic autorizatie functionare preturi barci blugi la moda cabinet notar coafura … Continue reading

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Brain dump March 2008

Work’s been a little rough lately — just lots to do and finite time in which to do it. I haven’t had many mental cycles to myself lately and therefore no pointless updates here. So, a brain dump: buy online … Continue reading

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