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On Being Willing To Learn…For Fun

I run Jeopardy games at PAX whenever I can. These are custom-built game shows in every sense of the word — handmade buzzers, bespoke software, and custom-created questions by and for the PAX attendees. It’s trivia, so it’s not all … Continue reading

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The blog puzzle heats up

So a few people have taken the bait on the blog puzzle in earnest, and I realized that it might be less fun to solve than I had intended. (I do like stumping people, but I really like it when … Continue reading

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On the BBC again today (tomorrow?)

As a bit of a followup to The Grand Masquerade radio documentary last month, the local BBC Three Counties station serving Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire is working on its own Masquerade segment tomorrow morning, and I’ll be doing a short … Continue reading

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The Grand Masquerade & interview

A few months back I was contacted for an interview by the BBC. They were working on a radio documentary about Kit Williams’ Masquerade, for which I run a fan site. I headed to a local recording studio and did … Continue reading

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PUZZLE: Sinister Digits

I wrote this some time ago for Perplex City, but it didn’t get picked (a few of my others did, but then season 2 went on indefinite hiatus). So far nobody’s gotten it without help or a hint. If you … Continue reading

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The blog puzzle

That Wired issue got me thinking, particularly the feature about Kryptos. I have always intended to use my blog for puzzles, and lately I’ve been too busy to construct them. I made one, but nobody even noticed it was there, … Continue reading

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The Wired Mystery Issue

This issue (May 2009) makes me so happy. J.J. Abrams is the guest editor, which gave the Wired team an excuse to fill the magazine with small puzzles, coded messages, and a metapuzzle that runs throughout the mag. I tried … Continue reading

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A Fool and His Money

If you were alive in 1991 and you had a Macintosh, you played The Fool’s Errand. It is, still today, one of the mind-warpiest puzzles games you will ever see, a monochrome, Tarot-themed labor of love from a true puzzle … Continue reading

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A Dorito Called Quest

Finally, someone has made snack food mysterious. Anybody who knows me and my puzzle nature will not be surprised to learn that I was thrilled to find a glossy black back of Doritos called QUEST in the grocery store last … Continue reading

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Close by Ampthill

Today’s the day it all went down. Take a spin through the site — it’s the reason I’m a puzzle nerd today.

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