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I rarely buy import games, for a few reasons: 1) I don’t read Japanese; 2) I don’t want the hassles and expense of yet another console (or hacking one I own); 3) I have patience that the good stuff comes … Continue reading

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Nobody likes Chris Kohler, right?

Every day I find new reasons to hate Chris Kohler. Here’s the latest.

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The only gaming television you need to watch

I have a standing grudge about television and video games. TV rarely seems to “get” it — they always wind up insulting me by saying “If we show some gameplay footage and put some boobs in there, the little boys … Continue reading

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Helen Mirren: QUILF?

I rarely see many of the nominated films but I still like the Oscars. I rarely even give a crap about the fashions, but this year, nobody could tell me that Helen Mirren didn’t look better than the starlets half … Continue reading

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Happy feet

I go through sneakers about every eight months. I wear them every day, everywhere. That means a swanky $150 pair of bubbles will last just as long as a $50 pair of closeouts, like the ones I just got: New … Continue reading

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Week of the Gamersc(wh)ore

Never mind Old Spice. My Gamerscore grubbing is Paul’s fault. He threw down the gauntlet and started climbing the ranks and then rubbed my face in it. I was content with my Gamerscore being somewhere around 4000. But he had … Continue reading

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Guitar renewal

The three guitars I was selling have now sold. One is becoming an object d’art, one is going to a player who’s always wanted that model and is thrilled now that he has it, and one’s going to become the … Continue reading

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Building a better 360 joystick

Mad Catz has finally released its long-awaited Xbox Live Arcade RetroStick. It sucks. I truly do not understand the praise that Joystiq and TeamXbox have bestowed on this thing. Maybe I’m thinking too much about the Atari 2600 joystick upon … Continue reading

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Kat’s Movie Reviews: “Stay Alive”

“That actually wasn’t as bad as I expected. I thought it would be ass in a hat, but it was just ass.”

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Love is…

…waking up to Krispy Kreme donuts …getting your wife something geeky and having her really like it …appreciating your mate the other 364 days of the year too

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