Radio Free Amrich

LA is nice but we miss our old morning radio show from SF. The LA DJs are all aging fratboys making fart jokes and talking about sports and Elvis. I miss the sardonic whinings of Sarah & Vinnie. Kat found the Squeezebox and suggested we use that as our alarm clock — a fine substitute for the ancient one I’ve been carrying with me since college. It has a cassette player in it, so you can wake to a tape. That’s how old it is. But the new jam? Shiny and red. I love red consumer electronics. They’re so…not black.

So we got one and I realized, hey, this thing streams from either the internet or your home network — install server software on as many PCs or Macs as you like, and the Squeezebox seeks them out, even prioritizing iTunes so you can use the same playlists. We can use this to listen to our “bedtime stories” — old radio dramas that we’ve burned to MP3 CDs and run off a boombox with a sleep timer. And we’ve got this Mac Mini that’s just sitting on the network as a poor-man’s NAS box for data; why not load it up with a big iTunes library of old-time radio MP3s and do that? That will make things simple…right?

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My Activision site is live

Go check out OneOfSwords and it will make me happy. Kat designed the site and I think she did a great job. Poke around; you’ll see the origin of the name in the About section.

And if you follow OneOfSwords on Twitter by this Friday, you’re eligible to win some cool prizes. What good is working at a big games publisher if you can’t give out some swag?

Please tell every living creature you know. If telling people about this promotional event is a point of introduction for you to meet new living creatures, all the better.

Week 1 and the challenges ahead

I started at Activision this week. Could barely sleep Sunday night; Monday was the first day of school. It’s really cool to go to a job where you do not have the typical “new guy” vibe — I have already worked with some of my new co-workers for 15 years. The only thing different is that I no work 15 feet away in another cubicle. Continue reading

Dan vs. Zazzle (or, The Curious Case of Schroedinger’s Calendar)

Zazzle, I always liked you. You saw what a lousy job CafePress was doing with on-demand one-off publishing, like hats and mugs and shirts, and said, “Hell, we can do that, and we can do it better.” So you took their business plan and ran with it and it was good (and it led to copyrighted banner images like the above, which are the exclusive property of Zazzle and not me). Besides, I like supporting San Francisco businesses, even if they don’t have original ideas.
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2010 Resolutions

For years I’ve sworn off of New Year’s resolutions. I always felt it was a way to set myself up to fail. But for some reason, this year, I have a few.

  • Lose some weight. My new job will put me more in the public eye; I’ll be doing more videos than before. I’m in an area of the country where image is more important than, well, anything. I want my clothes to fit better. I will have less problems with gout. I have a lot of reasons to work out more and eat less. (I do not intend to stop eating what I like, but I can make positive change through portion control and diversifying what I put on my plate.)
  • Get to level 80. Kimzey is 76 and has been scraping forward slowly, being “my main” but taking a back seat to both my death knight and my healer, because I have been running with friends where those characters were more appropriate. I would always rather play with friends than power-level alone, but this year, I want to hit 80 before Cataclysm hits (whenever that is).
  • That’s enough. Achievable goals.