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G is for Greedo

This archive of read-along books from my youth is brilliant. Jeff Gertsmann Twittered about this and I could not escape. I actually still own a few of these records, and used them in my morning-show radio days. Do not miss … Continue reading

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An invention I’d like to see

A graphite travel guitar. I was away on business this week and I thought of actually traveling with my travel guitar. Problem is, it’s made of wood and I was somewhere very cold; extreme temp changes hurt guitars. There are … Continue reading

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The content of his character

He really was remarkable, you know. He represented the ideal of peaceful protest, of intelligent debate, of raising awareness of goals without raising arms to achieve them. From the bottom of my bleeding heart, use modern technology to take 17 … Continue reading

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An eBay tip for weird emergencies

What do you do when you put something on eBay, and someone bids on it, and then you find you cannot sell the item because the item got damaged between the time you posted it and the end of the … Continue reading

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Almost famous

I’m not super-involved in the Wikipedia editorial community, but I dabble. I’ve got an account, and I generally try to be fair and balanced about the OXM page. You would think editing it would be a conflict of interest, but … Continue reading

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Farewell, Mbox

About nine months ago I decided I wanted to a) stop using bootleg software for audio work, which I’d been doing for several years; b) learn Pro Tools, which is the industry standard, and c) set up a better home … Continue reading

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Nintendo: The Town Crotch

Okay, there’s something about game fans that has always baffled me, and a recent news event has triggered me to talk about it. Fair warning: it’s going to get vulgar. I grew up playing coin-ops and Atari 2600; all my … Continue reading

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Nullus.

Props to fellow Watchmen nerd Ethan Hurd (whose animation work you may have seen in such tiny art-house films as Shrek, Toy Story 2, and Bolt) for pointing me to this open letter from one of the film’s producers, taking … Continue reading

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How not to fuck up a guitar, hopefully

So I have this guitar and I love it…except for all the parts in it. I got this Fender Esquire GT on clearance a few years ago and I adore it. (For the non-guitar geeks, an Esquire is a Telecaster … Continue reading

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Some good magazine news

The economy is in the dumper. Last year Games for Windows ceased to be a print publication. Rumors are swirling that EGM is next to go, and that 1up may be bought out. Clearly, says the internet, because Ziff-Davis properties … Continue reading

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