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Sammy Hagar

So now I’m letting my mind focus on writing music, and that inevitably leads me to think about what other people have already written that I want to aspire to and emulate…and what I don’t. And that obviously starts with … Continue reading

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Finding my other voice

When I was a kid, I grew up listening to the Beatles. My sister Denise, older and wiser, exposed me to a lot of classic rock, but the Beatles were, by far, the toppermost of the poppermost. I found I … Continue reading

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New drums

After many months of attempting to finish the drum career in Rock Band, I finally did it this weekend, reclaiming a whopping 90 Gamerscore in the process. The problem was Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” — there was something … Continue reading

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At the ren faire

Hit the ren faire today as an anniversary activity. There are a handful of folks you see every year whether they should be there or not. Pirates. They are the new Scotsmen, now that Braveheart is over. I saw two … Continue reading

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Lucky 13

On September 9. 1995, the PlayStation was released in the US. On September 9, 1995, my wife and I were married in a lovely medieval ceremony in the woods of her parents’ farm. My PlayStation still works just fine after … Continue reading

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A note from your local dictator

Pardon the public service announcement that follows, but I need to do some housekeeping. This is my website. I will run it as I see fit. I pay the bills; I make the rules. You’re a guest in my house, … Continue reading

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Sore Thumbs

That’s good readin’. Can, open. Worms, everywhere. Good.

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Haiku Review: Gears of War

Chainsaw bayonets Slice through ashen Locust horde It’s all gritty cool

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More on review scores

I’ve been thinking lately about game reviewing — again — and despite my snarky take on the review process, I do feel assigning a score to games is the biggest problem. People obsess over that score to the point where … Continue reading

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