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“Wii Christmastime”

It’s the most shoptacular time of the year! And in honor of Black Friday, Jude and I have whipped up a holiday parody song about the lack of Nintendo consoles on store shelves. “Wii Christmastime” is now available over at … Continue reading

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Dealing with the haters

A friend over at just asked how I handle the hate posts that appear — people saying, you know, you guys are all idiots and this score is wrong and that score is wrong and this magazine used to … Continue reading

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Song ideas

I realized as soon as I left Fast Times that I was going to have to deliver. I left to focus on other musical projects that were being put aside while I worked on the cover band. Mostly it was … Continue reading

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How not to be a cutting-edge games journalist

Is there anything new to be said about “the state of games journalism”? Not here. It’s yet another reflective “hmm” piece with no real insight, other than…well, what any blogger with no direct access would say. It’s a forum post … Continue reading

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Introducing the Vertigo Twins

Most people quit a band and then sell the gear. Not me. The day after I left Fast Times, I found a rare bird on eBay and jumped. First, a story. About two years ago Kat and I became enamored … Continue reading

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Lich King

It’s been a particularly busy shipping week at work, and a very bad one for game-playing. Especially bad, then, that the WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King shipped this week. We got two copies through friends at work (I’m … Continue reading

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Coming soon: a monitor for your video card

Spotted this at Fry’s today. Finally, they make these “for my computer”! What will they think of next?

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Fast Times: The Last Gig

It went well. Since it was my last show, all the little less-than-glamorous things that any gigging band has to do were amplified — can’t find parking, load-in is a hassle, small dressing area, not enough space to store gear … Continue reading

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Post-election deep breathing

I’ve kept the political yammering on my blog to a minimum, but now that the voting is over, this is the only thing I want to say, and then I’ll get back to guitars and gaming. Like a lot of … Continue reading

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Fast Times: The Long Goodbye

This Friday, November 7, is my last gig with Fast Times. I thought about it a lot before deciding to go, and since I announced I was leaving about six weeks ago (giving five gigs’ notice), I have thought about … Continue reading

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