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Halcyon Dreams: Kat & Dan’s Experience on the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Before we start, a spoiler warning – for everything. Whether you read this blog or listen to the podcast version, we’re going to be revealing deep details from the Galactic Starcruiser experience as well as diving into the occasional behind-the-scenes … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for PAX

This originally appeared on the old 1oS blog, but I’m updating and reposting it here, as I think it might still be useful.  Someone asked me if I had any advice on what they should expect when attending PAX, or … Continue reading

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Every one of your stupid complaints about the Ghostbusters reboot, shot down in flames

So, new Ghostbusters project is finally getting off the ground. It’s a reboot with a female cast, from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. Naturally, the internet lost its shit. I saw a lot of moaning, criticisms, and prejudgments, and conveniently, most … Continue reading

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My PAX Prime 2014 schedule

Yes, I’ll be there! So will Kat! FRIDAY 8/29 | 8:00PM – 9:00PM | HEDGEHOG Game Show Night: Jeopardy! This…is…Jeopardy! Well, no it’s not – since all the answers and questions are going to be about gaming and geek culture, … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Nearly-Broadband House

Whenever Kat and I talk about the house we will one day own — that is, the house we hope to buy once we get off the rental treadmill — we have agreed that one necessity is that the entire place … Continue reading

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My PAX East 2014 schedule

It’s almost time for PAX East 2014, and despite the upheaval in my personal and professional life, I will be there! Here’s where you can find me in Boston starting April 11: 

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Update on the 2013 PC

If you’re just tuning in: I built my last PC in 2008 and decided to buy one, for the first time since the late 90s. I went with iBuyPower for a few reasons: Price-shopping, they beat everybody else on the market (at … Continue reading

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My new PC, circa 2013

Order placed! It’s my first new PC since 2008, and the first I haven’t built myself since the late 90s. I went with iBuyPower because people I trust had good experiences with them, I can pick up the build locally and … Continue reading

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Boots? Let me tell you about my boots

If I have learned one thing from years of inconsistent cosplay, it’s this: Don’t forget your feet. I’ve had more fun ruined by crappy footwear. I go to great lengths to get everything right and then an hour into whatever … Continue reading

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Star Wars “fans” have a thing to learn from Tom Lehrer

No one is more dangerous than someone who thinks he has “The Truth.” My personal hero in life, Tom Lehrer, said those words in regards to religion, but today I realize they apply to something far more important: Star Wars.  … Continue reading

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