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The real Ghostbusters

Every year, people ask me if I’m going as a Ghostbuster for Halloween. But I always reply, “Why would I wear my work uniform on the one day I’m supposed to dress up like something else?” Still, in honor of … Continue reading

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Jury duty

I’m there right now. I hate it. My dad got called for a really big murder case when I was a very young kid; I remember how disruptive that trial was for our family. I’ve never felt good about this … Continue reading

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The gout update

A little health update, since I don’t want to be one of those “oh woe is me, I am sick/ill/crazy” and leave it at that. It’s taken several weeks, but the foot is feeling a lot better. Gout is not … Continue reading

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Windows 7

I should not be typing this. It should not be possible. I started messing with PCs in the late 80s; my first OS was DOS 2.11. I’ve used several versions of Windows since then, but I was a Vista-hater; I … Continue reading

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Dr. Tima’s Honey Kola

Found another oddball soft drink at Whole Foods recently and, as usual, had to give it a go. What’s better than HFCS? Real sugar. And what’s the best-tasting form of sugar? Honey. This stuff is wonderfully sweet without being overpowering. … Continue reading

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I finally caved a few weeks ago. I was looking for an excuse to get one last year but could not find one, but the price drop and redesigned new unit were enough to push me over. Kat (who actually … Continue reading

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Dan vs. Food

This was an IM exchange from several months ago that I’ve just learned my wife not only saved, but passed around to friends. Kat: so tonight for dinner, chicken and rice and grilled zucchini Dan: two out of three ain’t … Continue reading

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The Pinball Hall of Fame

Most folks don’t even know such a thing exists, but exist it does, in a tiny non-descript strip mall in Las Vegas (as opposed to all those descript strip malls in Las Vegas). Kat was heading to Sin City for … Continue reading

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Busy as hell

I like blogging, honestly. I’ve just been crazy busy lately and haven’t had time. Last week I took a short vacation to Las Vegas with Kat, and I have some fun photos of the Pinball Hall of Fame to post … Continue reading

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