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The blind eye of Kotaku and Joystiq

Feel free to call bullshit on this post, but despite my admitted bias, I would like to hear other people’s thoughts on this one. When I found out that OXM was going to break the news about 360 players using … Continue reading

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Two hens, one cock

Feathers, you dirty fuck. Look it up. We’re still enjoying archery; Kat has gone so far as to name it a weekly activity. I’m looking for a heavier bow as I’m quickly growing accustomed to the 25# and would like … Continue reading

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Why I left OXM

“Things change. Always do. You’ll get your chance! Important thing is, when it comes, you’ve got to grab with both hands, and hold on tight!” Wow. It says something about my geeky life that this particular moment in it can … Continue reading

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The Grand Masquerade & interview

A few months back I was contacted for an interview by the BBC. They were working on a radio documentary about Kit Williams’ Masquerade, for which I run a fan site. I headed to a local recording studio and did … Continue reading

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California Extreme 2009 report

It was another great show as usual. Parking was easier; the hall was just the right size. And amazingly, it was near a Bennigan’s, which I didn’t think existed any more. I had fun losing the trivia contest for the … Continue reading

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California Extreme 13 this weekend

This weekend is the annual California Extreme arcade show. Picture a giant room with about 300 classic coin-operated videogames and pinball machines all set to free play. Some are rare (Jungle King was there last year) and some are uber-rare … Continue reading

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Brain Wash

After getting addicted to Black Lemonade, I have come to really like Brain Wash soda from Skeleteens…so it makes sense that they don’t make it regularly any more. Among its charms: It tastes a bit like Sweettarts; it apparently has … Continue reading

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Pepsi Natural

This caught my eye in Target tonight. I was looking for the WoW Mountain Dew Game Fuel (unsuccessfully, just as in the grocery store…is it really that popular?) and found Pepsi Natural instead. I only found one bottle of Pepsi … Continue reading

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First of all, I just figured out that there was a way to automatically update WordPress with a plugin. I got tired of manually updating around 2.6, but smart people have been using it for well over a year before … Continue reading

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A note on Sarah Palin

Says outgoing Alaska governor Sarah Palin: Once I decided not to run for re-election, I also felt that to embrace the conventional ‘Lame Duck’ status in this particular climate would just be another dose of ‘politics as usual,’ something I … Continue reading

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