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Welcome to hardware hell

Well, a week ago, this was the scene at my office: That’s my three-red-lights 360 in its cozy little cardboard coffin. Microsoft sent me the shipping container for my return in just one week. Came with its own pre-paid UPS … Continue reading

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What a weekend

Two gigs, many stories, but mostly, I’m still sorting out the fatigue. Some photos of Friday night’s big gig in the city to come. The important part: My Horde warrrior Gwynhwyfar finally hit 40 and got her mount. I had … Continue reading

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I hate greeting cards

How there’s an industry to get people to spend $3 to express a canned, schmaltzy, insincere “emotion” is beyond me. My rejection of cards has been a long-standing point of family contention. Now these, I’d send.

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OMG! Local press!

Woke up this morning and had everybody congratulate me on being in the San Francisco Chronicle. Zuh? Oh, you mean this! That’s the actual show listing waaaay down there. I think the money we invested in quality photography just paid … Continue reading

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Frozen smoke

The world’s next wondersubstance. Cool!

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Who’s your Big Daddy?

BioShock is finally here. To celebrate, GamesRadar did another of its infamous Digital Shorts, and I got roped into the act. Never let it be said that I am unwilling to look like a total dork for a joke.

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Killin’ zombies in 2D

I shouldn’t still be playing Urban Dead, but for some reason, I still love it. Find me in Mitchem Mall in Vinetown; usually I hang down around Axtence in Osmondville. It’s a workin’ weekend, but that includes BioShock.  🙂

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Wiki wiki what?

This week brings a mini-kerfuffle about EA amending its Wikipedia entry. Two comments on this: 1) Isn’t Wikipedia designed so anyone can edit it? Um, even the people it’s about? Duh. You’ve found the “flaw” in the system, if you … Continue reading

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I can play without all the mucky-muck

After years of keeping it old-school, the new, more active dynamic of the band has convinced me/given me an excuse to go wireless. I paid too much for a really nice Sennheiser EW 172 setup, which does all kinds of … Continue reading

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And it’s official

“I think,” he murmured at last from deep within his corroding, rattling thorax, “I feel good about it.” The lights went out in his eyes for absolutely the very last time ever. — Douglas Adams, So Long and Thanks For … Continue reading

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