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A new job? According to Craigslist…

I got a new job. Personally, I thought I’d keep it quiet — you know, the first issue of the magazine hasn’t been printed yet, people have paid in advance, and they haven’t seen anything for it. We are going … Continue reading

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My 20-year HS reunion

I’m not going. Not out of protest or anything. I always said I would go, and I have heard great things about the 20th compared to other years — people have grown up by then, they’re happy to be alive, … Continue reading

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No longer in danger of getting freebies through my job, I went for the PC version of Borderlands when Kat showed an interest in playing co-op. Kat is a mouse/WASD person and is not comfortable with console controllers, but in … Continue reading

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Kat vs. Plants vs. Zombies

When PopCap brought out Plants vs. Zombies, their cute take on tower-defense games, I was hooked like everybody else. Well, everybody else but one person: my wife. I got the PC version, and she played a little bit before grabbing … Continue reading

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