What to do when your Ghostbusters pack isn’t good enough

When I finished writing Critical Path, I wanted to get myself a nice big milestone gift to commemorate the achievement. That usually means “guitar,” but after looking, lusting, and playing for a few months…nothing wants to go home with me right now, and that’s okay. I have a fantastic collection and I enjoy rediscovering different parts of it.

In younger days

My Ghostbusters proton pack, however, is on its last legs, and I’ve considered replacing it. Built in 1999 (mostly by the ever-crafty and resourceful Kat) and battered in the years since (the pack, not the wife), it looks every bit of its 13 years of age. I didn’t know what I was doing, I made a lot of mistakes, there were no lights and sounds — it looks neanderthal by today’s standards. The GB prop world has advanced dramatically since I built mine; now there are LED lights and sound effects kits, resin reproductions of specific fictional parts, fiberglass shells, you name it. It’s all very intimidating and expensive and, having walked the path once, I’d rather just pay someone else to build one for me now. Believe me, I respect their talent and effort.  Continue reading

The Rock & Roll Jeopardy story

When I turned 30, I set out to do a number of things before I got too old. One of them was to audition for a game show. Thanks to a friend of a friend who had been on the show, I actually did get to audition for Rock & Roll Jeopardy, and I wrote down the whole story of my experience…then forgot where I put it. I just found it on a very old backup disc, so here it is for safe keeping in Google’s cache forevermore. Commence cut and paste!

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