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More on the Escapist, PA, and Cameron Lewis

My comments on the Escapist article regarding responsibility in game review have gotten a little attention. But in the ensuing discussion, an assumption has been made, and it’s a really dangerous one. GameSetWatch commenter jeffk says: The thing is, Dan … Continue reading

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Feeling demotivated?

Well, now you don’t even need to know Photoshop to have fun.

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Harry Potter and the Total Absence of Spoilers

I hate spoilers so there will be none of that. However, with it being an particularly busy week and a half at the magazine, I’ve only just now stayed up until nearly 5am reading Deathly Hallows and it’s been on … Continue reading

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Kat’s mom — world-renowned author of young fiction and disturbingly obsessed chicken fetishist — has just taken delivery on a custom-made guitar. Hot damn. That’s some serious olde-worlde artistree right there.

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Let’s meet our next contestant

Oh god, how I love game shows. I was raised on them; every day during the summer, I watched four or five a day, and every night, it was Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, even if the latter is so … Continue reading

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How dumb are gamers?

Every so often, someone sends me a link to this image: It’s an old scan from an old GamePro, before my time there. The house rule at GamePro has always been to caption each screenshot with a ProTip — actionable … Continue reading

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San Diego Comicon

I’ll be there Thursday, on business. I’ve always wanted to go but I have to say, I’m not actually happy about it now that I finally have the chance. I won’t be going in costume, I won’t be there long, … Continue reading

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Not today, my little one.

A friend at RRC pointed me toward The Perry Bible Fellowship and now I cannot stop clicking. For better or worse, much of this is my sense of humor. (And it’s from a Rochesterian!) I particularly like this and this … Continue reading

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Critique of game critique #287,892

More wringing of hands, navel-gazing, good ideas, and interesting (if sometimes uninformed) opinions at The Escapist this week, as the staff takes a critical look at “games journalism” (a term I still don’t like to use out of respect to … Continue reading

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It’s the end of E3 as we know it and I feel fine

The show was very good this year. Quieter, calmer, a hell of a lot less crowded (last year I had to take a weekend job at GameStop just to get in), and so much quality software on display! Happy to … Continue reading

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