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“Coffeehouse Girl”

You know, after I thought about that last post, I realized Chris Mitra is kind of to blame for all this. I asked him several years ago if he wanted to form a cover band and he politely declined, saying … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Songwriting

Well, it’s Sunday and I’m amazed that I spent at least a little time with most of the things on my vacation to-do list. Mass Effect, TV shows, books, Peggle, Palette-Swap Ninja, WoW, drums…a few 360 games got the shaft, … Continue reading

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New Palette-Swap Ninja song

It’s ready. It’s about Halo. It’s got kazoos. Download it. (And of course, there are more silly songs too.) Now that that’s done, I think I will go enjoy my vacation. Amusingly, that still involves playing guitar.

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Ninja activity

I have spent the majority of my time during this break working on two Palette-Swap Ninja songs. One will be released this week, and I’m laying down final vocals for it today. It’s a lot more complicated than I thought … Continue reading

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Temporarily unemployed…

…and loving it! This is not a surprise nor is it a hardship; my company has enacted a furlough, which I really like much more than being laid off, so I have the next week off. At this stage in … Continue reading

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Watchmen: The Review

It’s good. It’s not great but it’s certainly not the disaster that some reviews made it out to be. It was more or less what I expected it would be: respectful, glossy, and co-dependent. Spoilers ahead. Here’s the thing: I … Continue reading

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The Karaoke Saga

Sorry, this one’s more about computer stuff than actual singing. If you just want the answer to “how do I burn MP3+G files to a CD+G disc that I can use at a karaoke bar?” you should skip to the … Continue reading

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At midnight, all the agents…

So Watchmen opens tonight at midnight. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see it this weekend, as the film’s opening unfortunately coincides with shipping the magazine. Early reviews are split between “perfect” and “dreadful.” Seems the folks who don’t … Continue reading

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An open letter to BNL

Dear Ed, Tyler, Kevin, and Jim: Hey, I’m really sorry to hear about Steve leaving the band. I have been a fan since Gordon and I actually interviewed two of you on the press tour of Maybe You Should Drive, … Continue reading

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Gibson Grabber II…fail

Remember the Gibson Grabber bass? No? Chances are if you do, it’s because it showed up in one of the Guitar Hero games as an unlockable bass. Design-wise, it’s pretty clearly a response to the Music Man Stingray (visually) and … Continue reading

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