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Revenge for spam

One of the Internet’s nastiest spammers got arrested this week. Some are calling it a major victory; some are saying it’s a drop in the bucket. I say, one down, several to go. Let’s send a message. I suggest a … Continue reading

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Casino gig this weekend

Should you find yourself in Tuolumne, CA this weekend, you will quickly find that the only quality entertainment for miles is found at the Black Oak Casino, where Fast Times will be spreading its 80s good cheer this Saturday night. … Continue reading

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Running dark

One of the things I considered before starting a blog was whether I really had anything to say. I wasn’t sure but I kind of wanted the experience of trying one on for size, so I went ahead with it. … Continue reading

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The cripple effect

That pretty much says it all. I didn’t tend to the ankle sprain fast enough when it happened, and now I’ve got to start all over again. I’ve been in pain for the last two days as it just mysteriously … Continue reading

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Zombies attack SF

I wanted to be part of Zombie Mob 2007 but didn’t have the time. Darn. Looked fun. Check out the photos and, of course, the tech news coverage.

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The one big question Heroes left unanswered

Has anyone seen supervillain Sylar and Mortal Kombat designer Ed Boon in the same place at the same time? I mean no disrespect; I really like Ed, I’ve been fortunate to interview him a few times, and I’m truly a … Continue reading

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Flash! (Aaaahh!)

How on earth did I manage to miss this when it was announced at CES? The best part is that it comes with a case.

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I applied February 20th. I got mine this week. That’s about four weeks after I needed it; I had to cancel a business trip to Canada because I could not get an update or any information out of the passport … Continue reading

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Chris Kohler

I am reading Chris Kohler‘s Power Up on my trip, which I’ve meant to get around to reading for a long time. I’m enjoying it. It’s like living inside Chris’ Nintendo-worshipping head. It’s a very reverent, very informative place, and … Continue reading

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How to pretend you’re me on a business trip

Print everything out ahead of time — everything even remotely connected with or relevant to the trip — and keep it with you in a manila file folder. (If it’s E3, put the folder in a plastic pouch.) Consult that … Continue reading

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