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Initially it was enigmatic; now it’s just cryptic. You figure it out.

Daniel Edward Amrich (b. Feb 5 1971) is a writer, guitarist, gamer, amateur puzzle architect, and all-around geek. He escaped New Jersey in 1994 and has been feeling much better ever since. Write him at etc at bunnyears dot net.

UPDATE: As of August 2009, the puzzle has been solved and the prize has been claimed by Tyler Wilde. Don’t ask him for hints.

UPDATE 2: As of June 2012, only two other people have solved the puzzle. Congrats to the one I can remember, Derek Greenwood.

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  6. Hi Dan,
    I came across a GB forum debate on the pack you got from Viking Props when looking for reviews on it. I am debating going with the same place as the price is just about digestable and wanted to know how it was holding up a few months on? How long does the battery last? Does it play the theme (have seen this on other builds)? I have bordering on zero technical or electrical prowess (I can change a plug but that is it) and cannot afford the much fabled ‘Hero Pack’. From the pics it looks decent and I can’t see why people were hating on it so much.
    Many thanks,

  7. Dag nabbit, I just crafted an awesome comment about me getting Rocksmith and being totally stoked about you working there. When I signed in it got lost. Oh well. In any case, I really like the game and think that I might actually be able to learn how to play “Rocky Raccoon” and “Rock Lobster” eventually (sooner than later). Woo Hoo!

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