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Presenting…Palette-Swap Ninja

So Jude and I got to talking, and then we got to laughing, and then we got to work. The result is a musical side project for video-game related parody songs under the name Palette-Swap Ninja. We have our own … Continue reading

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Kat’s take on Survivor Fiji

“‘Rocky,’ ‘Mookie,’ and ‘Dreamz’? I have to ask: Where are the other Fraggles?”

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Egosurfing extreeeeeme

Kat is considering getting her own domain for business purposes — she’s an independent contractor/freelancer now, so it sort of makes sense to get her name as a domain, or her business name. We already have for our indie … Continue reading

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Mascot mash-up

The good news: Mario and Sonic will finally appear together in a video game! The bad news: It’s an Olympic game. “Mario and Sonic have been respectful rivals since the early days of video games,” remarked Shigeru Miyamoto, Senior Managing … Continue reading

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She’ll come around

Kat is one of the most patient women in the world. She has never demanded that I give up a hobby, never expected me to throw away my video games — she’s only asked me to think critically about what … Continue reading

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I think I just got pwned by Joystiq

The problem with sharing your geekiness with the world is that it sometimes comes back to bite you in the ass. Imagine my horror when my friend Sean Molloy alerted me to an article on Joystiq where an old photo … Continue reading

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I will now fix the review score problem.

Ratings systems in videogames are a constant source of controversy. Every outlet uses a different scale — 100 points, a 10-scale with halves, five stars, you name it. And no matter which score you use, someone’s going to find fault … Continue reading

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Spent most of my time in World of Warcraft Saturday and Sunday. Among the highlights: – My first PvP kill. Kat, Jude, and I were out minding our own, taking down bears and mountain lions when an Alliance guy over … Continue reading

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Artsy fartsy

I have been too lazy to figure out any of the advanced features of my blog. I like using existing plugins and leaving it at that. I upgraded my WordPress install today and in so doing learned some of the … Continue reading

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Basketball Jones

For years I have talked about playing basketball on a regular basis. I am short, white, and have no skills. My depth perception? Not so good. Perhaps you’ve noticed that one eye saunters off at a rakish tilt. I am … Continue reading

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