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Dragon wagons

Just for the record: If you have an unusual kink, I truly don’t mind. Whatever makes you happy, that’s cool, as long as it doesn’t take advantage of someone else. Seriously, it can be weird. Do you get excited by … Continue reading

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A small change

The index page of no longer points to a photo of my giant melon. It now takes you to what used to be the second page. There is no annoying MIDI file, either. You may now browse in safety … Continue reading

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A clarification for the gamers in the audience

I keep my gamertag private, not secret. 🙂

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Cloverfield (spoiler-free)

Here’s the thing about Cloverfield: It’s not for stupid people. As soon as the movie was over, some Marc Ecko-wearing simpleton with a Flexfit-topped shaved dome jumped up and said, “That was gay!” (The fact that he spoke up in … Continue reading

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How not to attend CES

The only time I hear about Gizmodo, it’s in a negative context. I didn’t like the site then, and I don’t like it now. But at least there may be some penalties involved this time. I hope so. Some of … Continue reading

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2007 in review

Putting the year in perspective, it was…active. Fast Times played with four full-time keyboard players I fell in love with the Taylor T5…and a Baby Taylor! Road-tripped from Atlanta to Raleigh with a great group of folks Finally made it … Continue reading

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