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Things are weird

I worked from about 9:30am to 2:30am today.  Then I came home and did a little more work on a different project. Right now, somewhere north of 4 in the morning, the color printer is steadily pumping out band photos. … Continue reading

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OXM goes online; interweb quietly revolutionized

Look at us, we formed a site: It’s been a few months in the works and frankly took longer than we hoped, but it’s what we wanted it to be, and while there’s always room for improvement, we’re better … Continue reading

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Suspicious? I’ll say.

From today’s New York Times: But game players are also suspicious of publications’ ties to the game publishers they write about, said David Gornoski, the editor of a Web site called “We’re seeing situations where publishers are dangling exclusive … Continue reading

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Ninja Warrior

I love game shows. Game shows morphed into reality shows, and I watch some of them when there’s a game underneath (Survivor), and I was happy to hear that American Gladiators is coming back. But until it does, I stumbled … Continue reading

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RetroStick, rest in pieces

Its failure is complete. I might buy one just to destroy it.

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Interview with me on

Man, can I yammer on. And that’s only part one.

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Gamerscore 10,000; Chicken 1

Check the gamercard to the right — I’m finally a member of the 10K club. This weekend, with Kat away seeing some friends, I spent some time with the 360 and was able to get my score into the five-digit … Continue reading

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Music gamers, I can see tomorrow

The present: Guitar Hero III comes out. It sells well on the strength of the brand name, as the two previous games were a blast. (Let us not talk of Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s, a $50 expansion pack.) Players … Continue reading

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The Halloween that Hallowas (and Hallowasn’t)

I wore my Ghostbusters outfit in the end. I like any excuse, and it was the safe choice. But I almost wore something else. The night before, at band practice, Kimzey offered an idea so weird, so perfectly unexpected, that … Continue reading

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