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Advice for guitarists

Learn to play a song. Doesn’t have to be tricky, doesn’t have to be long — but everybody can play riffs and call themselves a guitarist. Playing songs is what makes you a musician.   Learn to play a song … Continue reading

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The Rock & Roll Jeopardy story

When I turned 30, I set out to do a number of things before I got too old. One of them was to audition for a game show. Thanks to a friend of a friend who had been on the … Continue reading

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I broke the guitar rules

I have two rules when it comes to collecting guitars. I didn’t start out with rules — I didn’t even start out to be a collector! — but in looking at what I’ve acquired over the years, there have been … Continue reading

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John Lennon’s 70th birthday

I kind of said all I wanted to say in one Tweet but I guess that’s not really true or I wouldn’t be posting about it. When Danny Gatton died, I was working at Country Guitar magazine, and we threw … Continue reading

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A live-action Palette-Swap Ninja video!

We have finally shown ourselves.

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New Palette-Swap Ninja song: “Arcade Gaming Shrine”

Only took, like, 11 months to do my half of this song but it’s finally available. It’s an ode to the coin-ops Jude and I grew up with (and that he has since adopted for his basement arcade — it’s … Continue reading

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Radio Free Amrich

LA is nice but we miss our old morning radio show from SF. The LA DJs are all aging fratboys making fart jokes and talking about sports and Elvis. I miss the sardonic whinings of Sarah & Vinnie. Kat found … Continue reading

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Dan vs. Zazzle (or, The Curious Case of Schroedinger’s Calendar)

Zazzle, I always liked you. You saw what a lousy job CafePress was doing with on-demand one-off publishing, like hats and mugs and shirts, and said, “Hell, we can do that, and we can do it better.” So you took … Continue reading

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Beatlemania 2009

I have to admit, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I got to review the video game (buy it, it’s really good), I plan to upgrade my CDs to the stereo remasters, and people who have never been exposed … Continue reading

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I sold a guitar yesterday. And that comes with another story.

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