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Guitar Aficianado

We’re in a recession. You may have heard. So when my parent company Future US announced that it would be launching a new magazine, I was surprised. When I found out it was a guitar magazine, I did a double-take. … Continue reading

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An invention I’d like to see

A graphite travel guitar. I was away on business this week and I thought of actually traveling with my travel guitar. Problem is, it’s made of wood and I was somewhere very cold; extreme temp changes hurt guitars. There are … Continue reading

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How not to fuck up a guitar, hopefully

So I have this guitar and I love it…except for all the parts in it. I got this Fender Esquire GT on clearance a few years ago and I adore it. (For the non-guitar geeks, an Esquire is a Telecaster … Continue reading

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How to fuck up a guitar

The NAMM convention takes place in about two weeks. This is a show for retailers, and a lot of new guitar gear debuts there. For me, it is like Christmas all over again, except all the gifts are out of … Continue reading

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Introducing the Vertigo Twins

Most people quit a band and then sell the gear. Not me. The day after I left Fast Times, I found a rare bird on eBay and jumped. First, a story. About two years ago Kat and I became enamored … Continue reading

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The stupid-ass Robot Guitar

Gibson’s Robot Guitar features a special bridge and motorized tuners. You turn the knob, it automatically tunes your strings. You want an alternate tuning, it twiddles the tuners for you. MSRP: $4000, retail around $2500. When I heard about it, … Continue reading

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The Nomad returns

The little blue Fernandes Nomad Deluxe that survived our studio fire is finally back in my hands. I think the only reason it survived is its hardshell case, which I didn’t get until two years ago. The guitar’s electronics and … Continue reading

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We just got a new guitar and I swear to god it’s not my fault this time

Two of my favorite music stores — Gryphon and Gelb — are closed Sundays, and I never seem to be near them Saturdays. Today we knew we’d be near both stores so I arranged time in our schedule to go … Continue reading

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One for the fake guitarists

I was very proud of the”OXM’s Guide to Fake Guitar” feature when it ran in print, and now it’s online. So go see if you haven’t. There are some embarassing photos associated with this article that did not run, and … Continue reading

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Another baby leaves home

I don’t sell guitars often but I promised I would let this one go some months ago. I finally found the right buyer. Kat got it for me as an anniversary present a few years ago, and once I got … Continue reading

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