Chris Kohler

I am reading Chris Kohler‘s Power Up on my trip, which I’ve meant to get around to reading for a long time. I’m enjoying it. It’s like living inside Chris’ Nintendo-worshipping head. It’s a very reverent, very informative place, and it gives me an appreciation for some Nintendo history and lore I hadn’t considered. (My mom famously refused to get me an NES because I had so many “Atari tapes.” Ultimately, she was right; there was a lot invested in that system.)

I’d like to think if you put Chris, Andy Eddy, and myself on a quiz show panel and asked us video game trivia, the three of us would know just about everything. I would like to think that. I hope one day we get to find out.

BTW, I spotted this on Chris’ Wikipedia entry. “Kohler can be seen on YouTube opening an extremely rare Nintendo DS game, stripping it of its value.” That phrase makes me cringe because I don’t necessarily equate “value” with “financial worth,” but the Wiki editor clearly does. (And Chris is half kidding about calling it “worthless” anyway.) Games — even the rare ones — are made to be played. Open, that Game & Watch collection tells you far more about game history and evolution than it would sealed. To my mind, the “value” is very much intact. Maybe I’m taking that phrase a little too seriously, but still. Suck me, you anonymous little Wiki-editing bitch.

That video is, however, a good representation of Chris in real life. Excited. Friendly. Drunk.

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