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Totally YouTube, totally awesome

Now that it appears I’m staying with Fast Times and its new, more flexible schedule, the marketing push soldiers on.

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Things I’ve learned this week

Kat can guess the number of random coins in a milk bottle to within a dime. When we took ours to the CoinStar machine, she predicted $45. It was $45.06. She wins. I should have gone to the doctor when … Continue reading

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Poking around Robert Christgau‘s site, I’m wondering how you get the title “dean of critics.” I don’t know how Christgau got it, but he clearly endorses it. I suppose if someone else gives it to you, that’s an honor. But … Continue reading

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More laptop issues

I thought I’d gotten it all figured out, but apparently not. I was going to get a Vista-equipped HP dv2000 series and downgrade it to XP. Now I see a story that says you can’t necessarily do that. Now, the … Continue reading

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Irresponsible movie review: The Holiday

I think that’s what it was called. I didn’t watch the movie, but I saw some of it on an airplane recently. Kate Winslet seemed always on the verge of tears, and Cameron Diaz wasn’t far behind her. Both were … Continue reading

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Went to the Halo 3 beta press event tonight in SF. Sobering quote of the night, delivered straight to my face: “I thought you got out of the edit game.” Uh, no, sorry. I love writing more now than ever.  … Continue reading

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If this is not the coolest thing you see all week, I’m revoking your geek card. And eating it.

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I’ve just realized that there is an alarming amount of alcohol in the house. Tons of hard liquor, a few Smirnoff Ices (though some would say that doesn’t count), and some leftover Fat Tire orphans from a party months ago … Continue reading

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Things you regret saying, Volume MCXVI

To close the issue yesterday, a quick round of drinks was suggested. One of our interns was in the office and, having recently turned 21, we wanted him to join us. He resisted, saying he had to get going. When … Continue reading

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I don’t hate GamesRadar, but you might

For some time I’ve been boring friends with the topic of why gamers hate games. I’ve blogged about it but only briefly as I was organizing my thoughts. I chatted with Stephen Pierce over at GamesRadar about the idea one … Continue reading

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