2007 in review

Putting the year in perspective, it was…active.

  • Fast Times played with four full-time keyboard players
  • I fell in love with the Taylor T5…and a Baby Taylor!
  • Road-tripped from Atlanta to Raleigh with a great group of folks
  • Finally made it back to Walt Disney World for a vacation
  • My 360 red-ringed
  • Palette-Swap Ninja finally got underway
  • Wes Nihei went from GamePro to Gametap
  • Eddie and DLR — together again, at last
  • I played poker in Vegas for the first time
  • Perplex City was solved, and season 2 launched…then immediately folded
  • I met Ernie Hudson
  • Gossip websites successfully masqueraded as news websites
  • I horribly sprained my ankle and my right-knee bursitis returned. I’m damaged goods now.
  • An exploding gas truck melted part of our highway here in the Bay Area
  • I got my passport…then didn’t leave the country
  • Jeff Minter went apeshit because I didn’t like his game
  • Finally got a PT Cruiser

It was good, overall. May you live in interesting times.

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