Slim’s: The Aftermath

We’re all pretty proud of the show from last night. Spinout and Stung are both killer bands and we were proud to be sharing the stage. We got some good video footage but Murphy was against us when it came to audio — first the CD recorder spit out the disc after two songs, and then the replacement disc they put in cracked when I took it home. Meh.

It was very cool to see familiar faces in the crowd, but honestly, with the lights and the shades and my habit of closing my eyes when I sing, I wasn’t sure who was really there. If you didn’t come up to me at some point before or after our set, I didn’t know you were there. Best cameo of the night was Tiffany Spencer, now with EA, who came to see Stung and said “I think I know that guy” during our set. LOL. We’ve known each other for, like, 10 years. Go figure.

And I think we looked good in our matching Miami Vice suits:

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