Basketball Jones

For years I have talked about playing basketball on a regular basis. I am short, white, and have no skills. My depth perception? Not so good. Perhaps you’ve noticed that one eye saunters off at a rakish tilt. I am every coach’s dream.

But that didn’t stop me from suggesting the WBBL — the White-Boy Basketball League. No skills are required; I just want to get together with friends and run around and get a little exercise. Back at GamePro, they used to reimburse you for $100 of fitness equipment. One year I bought a sweet pair of And 1s. They’re like this but in royal blue. These shoes were bought for a purpose and they would serve that purpose. I swore I would not wear them unless I was playing basketball, per the plan.

That was at least about five years ago.

Today, they came out to play. Chris and Ryan and Ken from work had much the same plan, but not the same shoes. Chris found a nice new local court in Brisbane, which is five minutes from the office. It was a success. It felt good. It hurt. It was about time. I even made a basket or two.

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